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Quality Comparison: AppIntel or buy from AER

engineering scaleQuality is the degree of excellence of something.

If one thing is bigger, better or faster than another, we say the first is of higher quality.

Speed is a quality

One quality is the speed at which something is delivered.

For example, Fedex became a household word by delivering mail overnight – at a cost.

Quality comes at a price. How often do you send something by courier rather than by snail mail? Yet the cost of the faster courier delivery is at least twenty times the speed of regular post.

AppIntel delivers applications very quickly

AppIntel delivers applications to customers within moments. You need not wait days or weeks for delivery.

If you order from the AER, you will need to wait anywhere from three days to 4 weeks for your order depending on their backlog. They do their best, but with all their backlog, they have a hard time getting to your order.

Six ways AppIntel excels in quality

AppIntel is very careful about quality.

Beside the speed of delivery, AppIntel’s application documents are higher quality than historical application documents ordered from the AER in 5 other ways:

  1. Speed of delivery,
  2. Application envelope,
  3. Attachment envelope,
  4. Confidential attachment envelope,
  5. Application location information, and
  6. Actually finding the right application.

For example, you can see these quality differences by reviewing application 1777396 as received from AppIntel, and from the AER.

Application envelope info

envelopeAppIntel includes envelope information about each application. This includes applicant company, registration date, application type, etc. When orders are received from the AER, none of this information is disclosed except what can be inferred from the text of the documents.

In the example below, note that AppIntel delivers the production field, registration and disposition dates as well as a description of the pipeline application. None of this information is available for the order from the AER.

Attachment envelope info

AppIntel’s documents include envelope information about each attached document. Envelope information includes a descriptions of the attachment, the date it was submitted to the AER, type, title, etc. When orders are received from the AER, none of this information is disclosed except what can be inferred from the text of the documents.

For Application 1777396, the submission date, type and description are shown for each AppIntel Attachment. No such information is available from the AER order.

Evidence of confidential documents

confidential fileAppIntel’s assets include evidence of confidential Attachments. Appintel’s evidence of confidential attachments includes type, title, size, date submitted etc. No evidence of confidential attachments is included when the AER fills historical orders.

Evidence of confidential attachments is important data. If an oil and gas professional knows that there are confidential documents, he can request them from the AER after the confidential period is over. This period is between six months and two years depending on the type of data. If he does not know that confidential data exists, he is unlikely to ask that it be released. Confidential data can include many items of interest including well logs and net pay maps.

AppIntel’s 1777396 order shows that there were 11 confidential Attachments. It shows when they were submitted and their file size. At least one of these is big enough to be a map (the 7 MB Attachment). Perhaps the rest are correspondence. Because we know that there are confidential attachments submitted two years ago, we might apply to have these reclassified as nonconfidential in November 2015.

Application UWIs and Lat/Long

map of alberta with push pinsAppIntel’s assets include application location information. No location information is included with orders received from the AER except what can be inferred from the text of the documents.

Indeed, in any given month, up to 30% of Applications offered by the AER do not have even one UWI associated on the AER’s website. Regaware generates UWI and latitude/longitude information about the application by indexing all location information found within the Application Attachments.

Application location information is very important data. Without it, Applications cannot be placed on a map such as ArcInfo, AccuMap, or geoScout.

The order for 1777396 from AppIntel also shows another location. This is one of the other vertices of the pipeline in the application. The AER order shows no such information readily plotted on a map.

Regaware has asked the AER several times for additional information on their orders to match the AppIntel asset quality. The AER refuses even the simplest request in this regard.

Example for comparison

To download a comparison of attachment information supplied by the AER for application 1777396, a pipeline submission by NEP Canada. Also shown are the AppIntel documents available through AppIntel.

One if every five applications have confidential documents. If you're not getting those documents from AppIntel, you're missing crucial information.

How do you find the application you need?

desk bellAll the quality in the world is useless if you can't find what you need. AppIntel is the best index of AER applications.

With AppIntel, you can search for applications by date, by location, by application type, by application number, or just by typing a search string like google.

And upon ordering from AppIntel, you receive them within moments, not days or weeks. Try it out.

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